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1st Quarter 2018 Tax News

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This special edition Q1 2018 Tax Letter is full of investing and planning strategies that can help you with ongoing financial management and tax planning.  It contains information on:

2018 Tax News

Taxable Versus Tax-Deferred Accounts
Tax Credits Beat Tax Deductions
Asset Allocation in 529 Plans
IRS Ruling May Rescue Estate Plans
ESOPs As Retirement Plans


CPA Client Tax Letter Q1 2018 from TR&S CPA 

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This CPA Client Tax Letter is provided by Twilley, Rommel & Stephens P.A […]

August 2017 Newsletter

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This month’s newsletter is all about college and taxes.  It contains the following topics:

College Costs Are Increasing Again
Start FAFSA Planning Earlier
Asset Allocation in 529 Plans
Outlining the Trump Tax Plan
How Small Business Retirement Plans Compare
Tax Calendar


Did you know?
Among recent vacation home buyers, 36% purchased in a beach location, 21% bought lakefront property, and 20% bought elsewhere in the country.

CPA Client Newsletter Aug 2017 from TR&S CPA 

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This CPA Client Tax Letter is provided by Twilley, Rommel […]