Estate planning is divided into two phases: planning prior to death and post-mortem. The staff at Twilley Rommel & Stephens are uniquely suited to advise clients in both phases.
With effective planning, you can minimize the tax burden on your estate and know that your beneficiaries will receive the maximum amount that the law allows. An essential part of lifetime planning is making sure that only appropriate assets pass to the survivors. Certain businesses and investments may be impractical or impossible for a grieving family to manage. An estate you consider of modest value today may well become very sizable when measured in inflated market values at the time of your death. We can assist you in putting your affairs in order in the most effective way to provide for loved ones and friends. Postmortem, our experts are capable of advising executors and beneficiaries on the administration of the estate and preparing all related tax documents. We work seamlessly with the rest of your estate team to make the process efficient and accurate. Proper planning and execution minimizes both taxes and emotional distress.
Our services include:
• Planning and consultation on the use of trusts
• Review of how title of property is held to take advantage of important tax savings and ease the administration of the estate or trust
• Development of gifting strategies to maximize wealth transfer
• Succession planning for family owned businesses
• Determination of estate assets and liabilities
• Preparation of federal and state estate and trust tax returns and other associated filings
• Preparation of court accountings
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